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Festival Treats

Come to the Blackberry Festival to experience some of the greatest food vendors around the Northwest!

You will be able to partake in a variety of different food options that will have you sampling many of our vendors special creations. Something you don't want to miss!

We are excited to introduce a delicious new Blackberry Dessert Wine this year in addition to our very popular Blackberry Wine. Tastes will be available for those 21 years and older for 25 cents each.

As you stroll the Bremerton Boardwalk you will find these blackberry delights: Blackberry slugs- a delicious type of maple bar made with blackberry filling and whipped cream. You can also find blackberry scones, pie, shortcake, and delicious Blackberry cobbler, as well as blackberry sodas, ice cream and sundaes, Blackberry Bubble Tea, Blackberry Sausage, Blackberry Cinnamon Rolls & Mini Loaves, Blackberry Lemonade, Blackberry Beer, Jello Shots & Moonshine!. Also this year you can buy blackberry syrup, jam and balsamic vinegar to enjoy at home.

You can still find your favorite hamburgers, hot dogs and corn dogs as well as chicken burgers, bar-b-que ribs, chicken and beef brisket, corn on the cob and hot links; you can also enjoy fried oysters and oyster shooters as well as shrimp cocktails along with fresh and grilled prawns. Many of the ethnic foods you can find include teriyaki chicken and shrimp on a stick, chow mein and spring rolls, gyros, crepes, honey bar-b-que, Indian tacos and burritos.

To satisfy the sweet tooth, you can find the popular Kettlekorn, shave ice with sweet cream, funnel cakes, taffy and cotton candy. Not to mention ice cream bars and shakes and the always asked for strawberry (and blackberry) shortcake.

We also have a vendor that makes Blackberry Cards—Thank You, Berry Best and More and designs just for the Blackberry Festival!