2014 Blackberry Festival Booth Application

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2014 Blackberry Festival Booth Application

Welcome to the 2014 Blackberry Festival Online Application process! Please read everything carefully. The Festival Committee works diligently every year to make changes based on your needs, available space, vendor and participant’s comments. Our vendor booths sell out quickly every year so do not delay in getting in your application!

We are on a concrete boardwalk. All booths are 10’ deep and most are 10’ wide—a couple 10 X12, but there is NO “wiggle room” as the booths are sandwiched between benches (which cannot be used for merchandise) or planters. There is NO storage area around your booth space. If you need more than the allotted space, please purchase an additional space.

All space is sold by front footage. Your booth shall not exceed the footage paid for. This includes all storage space, support devices, weights, etc. used to stabilize your booth.

The area is divided into four-color zones. The Purple zone is the ONLY area that has the prime pricing rates for booths. This area is in the heart of the festival with the Main Stage (which is the noisiest) in the middle of the zone. This area has both power and water hook-ups available. The Green zone has some power available. The Blue zone has NO power. The Pink zone has power starting at booth 110 and higher booth numbers and NO POWER at booth number 109 and lower booth numbers.

NOTE: Filling out this application does NOT guarantee you will receive a booth, but it will put you on the list pending approval and booth assignment.

2013 returning Vendors who submit their applications prior to April 1, will be assigned booths first. The remaining booths will be assigned based on the time and date of receipt of this completed online application. No exceptions.

Payment can now be made by credit card (PayPal) when submitting your online application. You may also choose, as in previous years, to mail us payment by check or money order. However, whether submitting payment online or mailing a check, you must ALSO mail or email the required forms (noted below) within seven (7) days upon submitting the online application or you will lose your booth assignment priority. If the forms are received after seven (7) days your booth assignment will be based on receipt of the forms rather than the receipt of the online application.

If you select and pay for options such as a 'corner booth' or a '10x12 booth' and we are unable to accomodate those requests, you will receive a refund on those additional charges.

Before completing this online application, please review the following documents for additional information:


August 30th, 2014 10:00 AM   through   September 1st, 2014 5:00 PM
Phone: (360) 377-3041
Purple Zone Booths
10x10 Craft $ 360.00
10x10 Packaged Food $ 475.00
10x10 Food $ 530.00
10x10 Commercial $ 850.00
10x20 Craft $ 720.00
10x20 Packaged Food $ 950.00
10x20 Food $ 1,060.00
10x20 Commercial $ 1,700.00
10x12 Craft $ 432.00
10x12 Packaged Food $ 570.00
10x12 Food $ 580.00
10x12 Commercial $ 1,020.00
Pink-Green-Blue Zone Booths
10x10 Craft $ 300.00
10x10 Packaged Food $ 415.00
10x10 Food/Political $ 470.00
10x10 Commercial $ 800.00
10x20 Craft $ 600.00
10x20 Packaged Food $ 830.00
10x20 Food/Political $ 940.00
10x20 Commercial $ 1,600.00
10x12 Craft $ 360.00
10x12 Packaged Food $ 498.00
10x12 Food/Political $ 564.00
10x12 Commercial $ 960.00
Request Corner Booth
No $ 0.00
Yes $ 30.00
No Electrical Required $ 0.00
Less Than 2400 Watts $ 0.00
2400 Watts $ 40.00
4800 Watts $ 80.00
7200 Watts $ 120.00
9600 Watts $ 160.00